Zebulon Pike

Minnesota's favorite self-described "instrumental prog-doom" band issues forth its biennial statement of potent and tectonic heaviness, Intranscience (Unfortunate Music). The disc shows that even with personnel changes (bassist Tom Berg replaces Steve Post, now in Bastard Saint), the band is still piling boulders on the heavy foundation laid by 2004's And Blood Was Passion and 2006's The Deafening Twilight. Witness the opening track, "Mirrors of Blessed Miracles": Nearly 11 minutes in length, "Mirrors" channels a simple, plaintive theme that would fit right in at a Hungarian folk dance, through King Crimson trickiness, austere atmospherics, and tight metal grooves, to claim its throne as the most crushing and coherent track in a catalog known for its precision and craft. Good going. Keyboard adventurer Martin Dosh and edgy shoegazers Story of the Sea open. 21+.
Sat., Sept. 13, 9 p.m., 2008

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