Young Boys

Many will gladly claim the Jesus and Mary Chain as an influence, but for most, it's lip service, amounting to little more than a prim touch of feedback on an otherwise pristine chorus. NYC's Young Boys, fronted by native Minnesotan David McDaniel, are one of the few to follow the Reid brothers completely down the rabbit hole—engaging Psychocandy's most caustic, foreboding extremes. On their double A-side single "Bring Em Down"/"Runaway May," the quartet favor sheer heft over identifiable song structure, obliterating the melodic foundations and whipping up a nearly impenetrable din. Many will no doubt be put off by the band's radical approach, but give credit to the Young Boys for remembering that, in their day, the Jesus and Mary Chain were as despised as they were celebrated. With A Forest in the Trees, Silicone Cells, and Man Your Horse. 18+. (Photo by Jimmy Fontaine)
Tue., June 7, 8 p.m., 2011

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