Yoga Quest


Geeks are known for mental prowess, not fit physiques. Northeast Minneapolis's Geek Partnership Society (GPS) has been slyly challenging the status quo with their Yoga Quest class; the carrot of the workout is that it's structured like a role play. The class is led by two licensed yoga instructors, with one playing game master and storyteller while the other leads people through poses. When the story forks, similar to a Choose Your Own Adventure book, there is always an instructor to follow and focus on. Participants pick a signature pose to adopt throughout the story, and develop a character sheet identifying strengths and weaknesses. Another gamer aspect is that participants have the opportunity to earn special cards they can play during the workout. This hour-and-a-half class should appeal to self-identified geeks of both genders, as well as yoga enthusiasts looking for a change in routine. Yoga Quest is one of GPS's Geek Physique events, which facilitate exercise classes with an accepting, geek-positive environment and an ever-present wry sense of humor. Anyone weary of the usual gym posturing can dig it. RSVP at [email protected]. (Image by Tony George)
Mondays, 7 p.m. Starts: April 11. Continues through April 18, 2011

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