Photo by Michael Hyatt



Sept. 13
7 p.m.
Indie Rock, Punk

X’s 1980 debut, Los Angeles, legitimized West Coast punk with music grounded more in American roots than in the garage, albeit accelerated to a noisy, blistering pace. The densely intertwined wailing of then-married couple John Doe and Exene Cervenka offered variations on classic country duets, and Billy Zoom’s guitar maelstroms were basically rabid rockabilly. The band’s lyrics had more substance than your standard one-syllable angst, and producer Ray Manzarek of the Doors established a connection to a previous generation of rock. This tour, featuring X’s original lineup (including drummer D.J. Bonebrake), marks the band’s 40th anniversary, and guitarist/drummer Craig Packham is on board so Zoom can occasionally double on saxophone and Bonebrake on vibraphone. Opening is Skating Polly, a punky Oklahoma trio whose new EP, New Trick, is an engaging dark-pop collaboration with Veruca Salt’s Louise Post and Nina Gordon.