Arik Cannon Darin Kamnetz


Wrestlepalooza XI

Jan. 6
7 p.m.
Burlesque, Music, Sports - Spectator

While people think of WWE Wrestlemania as the pinnacle of professional wrestling, in Minnesota there is no bigger platform for face-smashing, high-flying, blood-soaked chaos than Wrestlepalooza. Taking over First Avenue for its 11th installment, Wrestlepalooza will feature “The Anarchist” Arik Cannon, Candice LeRae, Air Wolf, Space Monkey, and a massive cast of over-the-top superstars who will bring the hard-hitting action. Meanwhile, burlesque performers Sweetpea and Scarlette Revolver provide the sex appeal as punk vets Off With Their Heads put a soundtrack to the madness. If you’ve never been to a Wrestlepalooza event, it’s unlike anything else: part wrestling match, part variety show, part booze-fueled clusterfuck. Both die-hard wrestling fans and curious first-timers will be screaming, cheering, and chanting all night, as there is no shortage of memorable moments and insane surprises, which sets Wrestlepalooza apart from any other wrestling show—or really any show, for that matter—you’ve ever seen. Tickets always sell out, so throw on that ratty DX T-shirt from high school and make a move.