World Fighting Championships

St. Paul native Alecia "Ice Cold" Mena used to play for the Minnesota Vixens, but decided football didn't involve enough hitting of people. So she took up mixed martial arts, a competition fighting style that combines boxing, wrestling, Muay Thai, and Jui Jitsu into a bloody and adrenaline-filled spectator sport of strikes, takedowns, and grappling. Now she's stepping into the cage at the Target Center's Downtown Throwdown, along with an impressive roster of local talent, including Marcus "The Prospect" LeVesseur, a former Augsburg wrestler who finished his college career 155-0 (after securing four national championships), and Travis "The Diesel" Wiuff, a Rochester-dweller and 10-year veteran of MMA competition with a 44-11-0 record. With 12 fights on the card, it's guaranteed to be a long night of action.
Sat., Sept. 15, 7:30 p.m.

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