As any artist knows, a creative piece can change drastically during the rehearsals leading up to the public performance. Sometimes it's for the best that audiences never know about certain moments along the way to completion. But quite often those awkward, experimental periods can be as enlightening as the final product. Now in its third installment, Workhorse shines a spotlight on three artists whose performances are still in the growth stage. In "Basic," Nathaniel Freeman combines video and sound elements with a motivational speech and pep talk. The resulting piece spans the gamut of emotions, from lame to funny to actually inspiring. Melissa Birch's "Here Came the Bride" will be a soap opera come to life as she explores what would happen to a bride whose bridesmaids all insist on wearing used wedding gowns to her big day. Patrick Gantert's performance may be the biggest wild card of the show. He'll be giving a rapidly paced talk fueled by caffeine, alcohol, and audience reactions. (Pictured: A performance by Nathaniel Freeman)
Thu., May 27, 8 p.m., 2010

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