Women Only Pinball Championship


Women Only Pinball Tournament

Jan. 16
7-10 p.m.
Barhopping, Sports - Participatory

Pinball is back in a major way, especially in the Twin Cities. Sisyphus Brewing’s collection of machines continues to grow, Caffetto Cafe’s six-machine basement is a secret gem, and the pinball machines at Up/Down are often as coveted as the arcade games. But like any rising trend in geek culture, the scene isn’t always lady-friendly. It will be, however, at Tilt’s Women Only Pinball Tournament. This Wednesday, pinball enthusiasts will gather to talk about the local scene, give each other tips, play against each other, and drink from the bar. No experience is necessary, so don’t worry if your flipper skills are a little rusty. Folks will compete against each other in groups of four until the final two vie for top points and bragging rights. This is the first in what event organizers hope will be a monthly event.