John Hodgman returns to Wits. Star Tribune


Wits Reunion Show

Nov. 2
7 p.m.
Comedy, Music, Theater

Created and hosted by John Moe, Wits had a five-year run (2010-15) that offered a singular blend of improv comedy, freewheeling conversations, and refreshingly laid-back concerts. Premised on an eclectic pairing of adept artists (particularly musicians, comedians, actors, and writers), Wits regularly generated moments of inspired absurdity as participants riffed off one another, deriving off-the-cuff spontaneity from sketches, stories, and songs. The free-form levity was a rare treat for those audiences bearing witness to a one-of-a-kind performance—and a challenge to the more structured mandates of national broadcasting. As such, it’s particularly fitting that the highly anticipated Wits Reunion Show will not be transmitted or streamed. The one-night-only performance (held at the program’s original home, the Fitz) is a strictly live event, one that promises to reprise such signature features as “Murder Cat,” “Pop Song Correspondences,” and “Cop Squadron.” The biggest question centers on the guest list. Moe has been secretive, promising only that humorist John Hodgman will be joined by a number of surprise participants.