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Will Durst

Daily from Aug. 15-19
8 p.m.
Daily from Aug. 18-19
10:30 p.m.
Comedy, Political

Normally after a presidential election, business dries up a bit for comedian and political commentator Will Durst. Not this time. “Oh my God,” he says. “Normally it shrinks, and now it’s shooting past the outer orbit of Neptune’s third moon. People need to hear political comedy.” Last November Durst was getting prepared to talk about anything but politics, assuming as many did that President Clinton would be running the country. Now, he has a new mission. “It’s almost cathartic,” he says. “People need this as therapy. It’s like I’m Dr. Durst, helping them overcome their PTSD: President Trump Stress Disorder.” It seems like there’s something brand new every day. “Not just every day,” Durst notes. “I switch between baseball and the news and shit happens between batters.” Durst has trouble singling out any one thing Trump has done as being the most outrageous. “There are always some bright shiny objects,” he says. “It started on day one when he claimed he had the best-attended inauguration ever and the visual evidence proved him wrong. He lowered the bar.” Durst then adds, “He didn’t just lower the bar, he buried the bar with a front loader so deep you couldn’t find it with a diesel-powered metal detector.” 18+.