Wild Beasts, Still Life Still


At the heart of Wild Beasts' (pictured) minimalist art-pop is Hayden Thorpe's lascivious falsetto. His theatrical hoots and howls raise the Leeds-based quartet's slinking, techno-infused music to a level of unhinged sexual decadence. Thorpe delivers unflinching tales of romantic intrigue, lust, and gang rape with an eerie sophistication that is both alluring and threatening, not least because of the pleasure his characters take in their reckless pursuits. Tom Flemming's deep, menacing vocals add another layer to Wild Beasts' brooding chic, which was refined by the austerity of last year's Two Dancers, an album that established the band among the most prominent members of Britain's re-emergent indie scene. Still Life Still's shambling indie rock may seem to be of another ilk, following as it does in the aesthetic footsteps of fellow Torontonians Broken Social Scene, but one needs look no further than the title of their debut full-length, Girls Come Too, to understand the rationale behind their appearance on this bill. 18+. (Photo by Tom Beard)
Wed., Feb. 17, 8 p.m., 2010

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