Image courtesy event organizers


Whiskey Release Party

Dec. 2
12 p.m.-12 a.m.
Barhopping, Food and Drink

Minnesota’s first “brewstillery” is back with a second whiskey offering. Yes, that’s right: They brew beer and distill spirits in the same magical Roseville building. This Saturday, the three-year-old Bent unveils One-Twenty Barrel-Strength Single Malt Whiskey with a daylong party with whiskey, cocktails, and beer. “Barrel-strength” means it’s bottled at the same alcohol level as when it came out of the oak. At 120.6 proof, this Minnesota-made brown liquor is described as, “vicious, robust, and spicy.” To show off its versatility, Bent will serve cocktails during the day, but it’s also recommended that you enjoy One-Twenty with ice or a dash of water. Limited bottles will be for sale, so come early. Bottles of their first whiskey sold out in less than three hours last August.