Where Fall Meets Fashion

Sick of seeing television commercials touting the latest back-to-school looks in styles you haven't worn since you were 12? Have you recently planned an evening of casual shopping only to find the department stores ravaged by clothes-hoarding teens? Don't panic; simply take a week off from the mall, pick up some fashion magazines, and check out this event geared more toward cocktail sophisticates than the milk-carton crowd. At Where Fall Meets Fashion, fashionistas (and those clueless about clothing, but interested) can check out the latest styles and trends according to fashion expert, freelance writer, and Vita.mn stylist Jahna Peloquin. She'll also be giving reports from the runway trenches in a series of events this fall. Tired of your summertime makeup and hairstyle? Back away from the powder bronzer (it made you look like a nightclub-hopping Oompa-Loompa anyway) and get some tips for tresses and makeup by Rocco Altobelli. So grab a martini and watch the runway show, or simply take mental notes on the stylin' partiers who can actually make certain looks work. (photo by Justin Grierson)
Thu., Sept. 3, 7-10 p.m., 2009

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