Welcome to the Cinema

On Welcome to the Cinema's first full-length release, the burgeoning talent of these South Dakotans spills out in abundance. They mix rousing indie rock with an occasional spacey synth and brief moments of twee sprinkled in for good measure. Upon first listens to Blocks and Hills, my ears were treated to a shiny little breakthrough. From its first moments of Strokes-infused frenetic rock, the album continues on as a sharply produced, refreshing work of standout proficiency. With night-and-day vocals that go from a glorious, angsty whine to a charmingly sweet sing-song, there is a decidedly undecided vibe from this band. The record itself is multifaceted in scope and vision, yet it still manages to feel put-together and seamless. I can already sense great things from these guys, but first things first—I can't wait to see them play. Also on tap are hometown favorites the Hopefuls, who are playing a smattering of shows this year after an off-and-on presence, along with Prozac Rat and Golden Bubbles. 18+.
Sat., Aug. 23, 9 p.m., 2008

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