Megan Bashwiner onstage Image courtesy of Welcome to Night Vale.


Welcome to Night Vale

April 23
7 p.m.

The Welcome to Night Vale podcast debuted in the summer of 2012 and quickly became a hit. Hosted by Cecil Gershwin Palmer, aka Cecil Baldwin, the program centers on a radio station in a fictitious Western desert town. In October 2013, the cast began staging live shows. Needing someone to host the events, Joseph Fink, who created the show along with Jeffrey Cranor, got his wife, Megan Bashwiner, involved. “I’ve been working with the show from the beginning,” she says from her home in New York City. “Joseph needed an actress, and he had one in his house. So I guess I got the job by default.” In addition to emceeing the live events, Bashwiner also plays the popular character Deb, described as a “sentient patch of haze.” She primarily reads advertisements during the broadcasts. “They said, ‘If we’re going to have you on the road, we should give you something else to do.’” Watching people record a podcast onstage might not sound exciting, but Bashwiner insists it’s quite engaging. “It’s great,” she says. “Cecil runs the show, and brings out the different guest stars. We’re reading from a script, so it is very much like radio theater. Seeing Cecil live is worth the price of admission.”