We Know What We Did Last Summer

It's hardly a mystery what Burlesque of North America was up to this summer, or the rest of the year. If you took a walk around town during the election season you would have seen their reprint work done in collabortion with Upper Playground, including the Obama-as-Lincoln posters (one sold on eBay for over $500) and the iconic "Hope" prints. In between political printings, they've created a huge variety of rock and hip-hop posters (Doomtree, the Melvins, Heiruspecs), and even a CD/album case or two. Stop by First Amendment Gallery this February and March, where fans of music, politics, and print art can check out a year's worth of work. Some posters will even be deconstructed step-by-step, so you can check out how shapes and colors come together to create truly awesome works of art.
Jan. 31-March 24, 2009

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