Walter Meego

"I know yesterday's gone, and tomorrow, it'll never come" is about as deep and original as Chicago duo Walter Meego allow themselves to get, so it helps that profundity isn't the point. What singer Justin Sconza and multi-instrumentalist Renaissance dude Colin Yarck seemed to be going for on debut Voyager (Almost Gold) was some unholy fusion of the Beatles, European dance music, New Wave generally, and—of course—Daft Punk; if you're a fan of Ugly Betty, you've heard at least a few of Walter Meego's tunes. So, as one might imagine, the borg beats and pop rushes are of the synthesized variety and the vocals come slathered in played-out vocodor goo. At moments—precious, precious moments, these—the duo's runway-DJ-friendly pablum evokes the hair-shirt goth nostalgia found on TheFutureEmbrace, Billy Corgan's 2005 solo album. But soon enough it's back to the chemically euphoric club shit that, somehow, never quite falls out of fashion. With Ra Ra Riot, Pepi Ginsberg. 18+.
Fri., Sept. 12, 8 p.m., 2008

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