Voltage: Fashion Amplified


The fifth installment of this annual event promises to be just as fresh as the first, making Voltage look less and less like a novelty with each passing year and more like a testament to the creative talent teeming in Minneapolis. Unequivocally Minnesota's premiere fashion event, Voltage: Fashion Amplified combines homespun, sometimes-edgy fashion with an eclectic mix of live music to keep the night interesting. This year the music lineup includes Mercurial Rage, Maria Isa, Gospel Gossip, Lucy Michelle and the Velvet Lapelles, and First Communion Afterparty—who all have their own senses of style musically and otherwise, and are from disparate genres, which will keep Voltage from looking like a one-trick pony. The fashion ranges from Max Lohrbach's hand-painted fabrics to 2709's architectural/geometrical-inspired work, with everything you can imagine in between. If nothing else, Voltage: Fashion Amplified proves that Chicago isn't the only Midwestern town the rest of the country should be looking to for inspiration and fashion cues. Despite what the country at large may think, Minneapolis understands that up-to-date fashion is much more than just putting on a new Carhartt jacket and clean John Deere cap. 21+.
Fri., April 24, 8 p.m., 2009

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