Vincent Laforet

A commercial and editorial photographer based in New York City, Vincent Laforet is one of the more original contemporary photographers working. His body of work is impressive to say the least, ranging from freelance assignments with Vanity Fair, Time, Life, and National Geographic, to becoming the first national contract photographer for The New York Times. His work ranges from quirky and colorful NYC characters (so colorful that they are shot in black-and-white), to devastating images of homeless Hurricane Katrina victims sleeping on luggage conveyors in airports, to haltingly beautiful images of Hawaiian cowboys as they journey across green mountains festooned with rainbows. In 2002, he and four other photographers were awarded the Pulitzer Prize in feature photography for their post-9/11 overseas work. Needless to say, Laforet is a photographer to watch, and his aerial shots of land are becoming increasingly iconic. This Tuesday, he discusses his amazing body of work at MCAD.
Tue., June 10, 6 p.m., 2008

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