Victorian Poetry Slam

Are you still relying on tired old clichés to celebrate Valentine's Day? Does your idea of romance include heart-shaped boxes or pink teddy bears? Have you spent one too many February 14ths in front of a Julia Roberts, Meg Ryan, Hugh Grant, or Matthew McConaughey vehicle? Inject the spirit of true romance into your holiday with the words of the poets who invented the idea. This celebration of works by Dickinson, Poe, Longfellow, and Browning (both, hopefully) features costumed actors, refreshments, and a tour of the venue. So count the ways with Elizabeth Barrett Browning, come slowly with Emily Dickinson, take a kiss with Edgar Allen Poe, and watch the tide rise and the tide fall with Henry Longfellow. You, and the one you're with, will both be impressed.
Sat., Feb. 14, 7 p.m., 2009

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