Verve 2010

Intermedia Arts is host to the only spoken-word grants in the United States, and better proof of Minnesota's dedication to supporting spoken-word development is hard to find. This Saturday, winners of the 2009 VERVE grant come together to demonstrate what that investment in the arts can do. The showcase features poets, hip-hop artists, and activists. Kyle "Guante" Myhre uses his rough voice and simple, eloquent symbolism to bring working-class issues to the stage. Tou Saiko Lee, a preeminent Hmong hip-hop artist, threads images of injustice and refugee experience through a Midwest hip-hop beat, shedding light on Minnesotan immigrant experiences. Tish Jones is an outspoken organizer for youth voice whose raw renderings of social issues and personal struggles pop with wordplay. Khary Jackson brings the same dramatic and comedic talent that has had him in the top 10 slam poets in the world for the past three years, including his spiritual edge and crooked, nerdy humor. The group is rounded out by Poetic Assassins, a duo who represent a transcendental hip-hop style. Check out Intermedia's website for more information, and to see these performers coming together to form POETRON, some sort of 1980s children's superhero. (Pictured: Kyle Myhre)
Sat., Feb. 6, 8 p.m., 2010

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