Vampire Hands (CD-Release)

When Def Leppard released their greatest-hits collection, Vault, in 1995, they played concerts on three continents in one day, setting a world record. Local band Vampire Hands aren't stretching out their pocketbooks quite that far just yet, but they are playing on both sides of the Mississippi over the course of roughly eight hours to promote the release of their first full-length, Virgin Dust, American Lips. The disc promises to be better than pretty much anything you've come across lately—they have a magnetic quality that's neither seen nor heard in many bands. VH occupy a space where damaged surf guitars, moody atmospherics reminiscent of Manchester's shoegazing heyday, and San Francisco psychedelic sensibilities all collide. The end result is something familiar, but nothing you've ever heard before—unless you've heard Vampire Hands. While playing three continents in one day smacked of pretension, playing both of the Twin Cities in a day (one is an all-ages show) seems like a mind-bogglingly easy, efficient plan to make sure everyone who wants to see them—and you want to see them—is able to.
Sat., Sept. 15, 9 p.m.

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