U.S. Women’s National Hockey Team vs. Canadian Women’s National Hockey Team

There is no question that Canada and the United States are the two dominant women's hockey teams on the international level. The two titans have been beating each other up atop the world rankings and amid Olympic glory since the sport was introduced at the Nagano games in 1998. That year the U.S. bested Canada for the gold. Then in 2002 Canada took gold on the Americans' turf at Salt Lake. But the last winter games were a bit of an anomaly—one that the U.S. would gladly forget—when Sweden upset the U.S. in the semi-finals, marking the first time neither North American powerhouses came in first or second. It's been a long four years since, and the U.S. is currently ranked number one in the world. The American women (including Minnesotans Natalie Darwitz and Jenny Potter) now have one more chance to size up the Canadians before they meet in Vancouver. In their last meeting in October, the Canadians triumphed 5-2.
Wed., Dec. 30, 7 p.m., 2009

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