Michael Corrigan


Uptown Food Truck Festival

June 25
11 a.m.-9 p.m.
Festivals, Food and Drink, Music

When it comes to food trucks, even the most ravenous foodies can be challenged to keep up, searching block after block for the latest culinary sensation from these portable kitchens. Rather than trawling the Twin Cities, however, the hungry should head to the Uptown Food Truck Festival, where more than 60 restaurants on wheels will be parked in one convenient location. Paying no admission, attendees can stroll the area, sampling as their appetites and budgets allow. In addition to a vast array of burgers and encased meats, the fest features an ambitiously diverse menu informed by global influences. Parked alongside the independent trucks, visitors will find four-wheeled ambassadors for such brick-and-mortar restaurants as Market Bar-B-Que, Anchor Fish & Chips, and Betty Danger’s Country Club. To tempt taste buds even more, vendors will offer a signature dish for $5. Craft beers will be available to wash down each course, while two stages of music and a selection of carnival games provide opportunities to expend some calories before bellying up for the next round. Though last year’s fest did face criticism over lengthy lines and overcrowded space, organizers have sought a remedy by expanding the grounds to deter congestion, and allowing for open entry into the air-conditioned quarters of Calhoun Square. With so many delectable options, this festival might just represent the pinnacle of al fresco summertime snacking. The Food Truck Festival will also head to Anoka (July 22) and St. Paul (August 19).