Untold Stories: The 1934 Teamster Strikes

In 1934, the tension was rising with the summer heat on the streets of Minneapolis. As violence flared up around the city between striking Teamster picketers and strikebreakers, the National Guard was called in. Still, the strike continued. The tension and violence moved to the Warehouse District, where police had closed off an area and provided escorts for a scab-driven truck. A truck full of picketers cut off the strikebreakers. The police opened fire on the unarmed strikers. Sixty were wounded and two died. Bloody Friday became a turning point in Minnesota labor history. Eventually, the aid of Roosevelt's administration was required to prevent economic warfare. The Friends of the Saint Paul Public Library closes its month-long celebration of the 11th anniversary of "Untold Stories" with a panel discussion of the 1934 Teamster Strike. The panel will include Ben Fisher, who is creating a graphic novel about the events.
Wed., May 20, 7 p.m., 2009

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