Courtesy of Rise Above Records


Uncle Acid and the Deadbeats

March 25
6 p.m.
Indie Rock, Rock

Uncle Acid emanate from Cambridge, England, aswirl in an early-’70s time warp, when melody still mattered amid the wildest frenzy, and hard rock hadn’t yet devolved into metal. Acid head composer, guitarist, and quavering vocalist Kevin Starrs, abetted by rotating Deadbeats, revs psychedelic fuzztones, early Black Sabbath crunch, Beatlesque hooks, flaming guitars, and a wickedly playful goth-doom vibe. UA’s psychotic-reaction rock is eccentric fun flirting with serious intent. Starrs ain’t no T.S. Eliot, but his lyrics on the new Wasteland effectively probe dystopian trauma. Graveyard and Demob Happy open.