UFC 87: Seek and Destroy

In case the almost nightly airing of MMA events all over cable networks wasn't enough proof for you of the Ultimate Fighting Championship's exponential popularity boom in recent years, consider this: The brutal fight league owns the trademark on the phrase "the octagon." Of course, they're referring to the eight-sided cage where the men, cut like boulders, beat the hell out of each other. But it's really noteworthy any time a sports league can trademark a shape; baseball hasn't even trademarked the diamond. Once regarded as a savage form of entertainment that even pay-per-view wouldn't carry, MMA has muscled its way into a reputation as a legitimate sport (rather than merely street fights with cameras rolling), and onto broadcast television. UFC 87: Search and Destroy brings MMA to the Target Center with a pair of high-profile bouts. Former World Wrestling Entertainment superstar and attempted Minnesota Viking Brock Lesnar will put his 1-1 career record up against veteran Heath "The Texas Crazy Horse" Herring (29-13-1). The night's marquee event will feature Georges "Rush" St. Pierre defending his welterweight title against challenger Jon Fitch. It's sure to be a bloody good time.
Sat., Aug. 9, 7 p.m., 2008

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