Two Door Cinema Club


Two Door Cinema Club aren't the first band to combine sharp post-punk guitars with a disco backbeat and glistening pop melodies (they're not even the 100th), but they have plenty that sets them apart, not the least of which is their unrelenting optimism. Perpetually overcast Ireland doesn't seem like the ideal place to cultivate such a chipper attitude, but the cheer feels like a reaction, not only to their native land's gray skies, but to the jaded disillusionment of their peers. Where other young bands play up a feigned sense of world-weariness, TDCC look on the bright side, a peppy "you can do it!" smile pasted across every track. It's a shift in emphasis that highlights the warmth of their songs, wonderfully catchy earworms anchored by brisk, enthusiastic drum work. It's a charming combination, and it goes a long way toward establishing TDCC as a buzz band worth your attention. If you show them a little Minnesota Nice, they'll give you some sunshine just when you need it the most. With Bad Veins. 18+.
Thu., Oct. 28, 7:30 p.m., 2010

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