Two Chairs Telling: Leslie Ball, 6 is 9

This spring's series of Two Chairs Telling is proving to be the best yet of its modern incarnation, as the artists paired onstage become more varied and far-flung. This month's lineup is no exception to the trend; both tellers are highly respected figures on the Twin Cities art scene in their own rights, and their spoken-word experiences are about as unrelated as they can get. Teller 6 is 9 is a national champion slam poet whose best pieces are poignant, sometimes deeply melancholy moments delivered in a gentle, precise voice that grabs his audience's attention from its first word. Leslie Ball is the grand dame of Twin Cities open mic; she founded Balls Cabaret in 1991 and has been hosting it ever since. I haven't seen her tell stories as performance pieces, but Ball has spent her life in the world of theater and music, and anecdotes related during her cabaret suggest an easy manner, soft humor, and an uplifting tone. No one but the artists knows exactly what sort of performance this pairing will bring, but it will surely be interesting. (Image by Nesster)
Tue., April 20, 7:30 p.m., 2010

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