Two Chairs Telling: Jenifer Strauss, Wonder Dave

Jenifer Strauss is a true spoken-word professional, performing as many as 300 times a year across the country. Her style is upbeat and simple, focusing on traditional stories, etiological myths, and their variations, sometimes using hand puppets and silly voices to bring archetypal characters like Turtle and Worm to life. Tonight she'll be performing alongside Wonder Dave, a veteran slam poet, spoken-word artist, and Fringe regular known for bridging the gap between acid-tongued rants and softly insightful poems. Most of his work has a modern, edgy bent, but Dave occasionally draws on mythical imagery, such as in his poem "Delilah," where he uses Samson to discuss the relationship between man, God, and war, recasting the titular character as a liberating force. There's no saying for sure what will happen when the two of them collaborate on the Open Eye stage, but it'll be worth the price of admission. (Image by Nesster)
Tue., May 18, 7:30 p.m., 2010

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