Twin Town High Release Show

If the Twin Cities had their own version of Now That's What I Call Music! the Twin Town High series might just be it. Local musicians submit material for consideration, hoping to make it onto this exclusive compilation CD, now in its ninth edition, of what's hot in the Twin Cities right now. People looking to mainline Twin Cities ear crack can check it out at First Avenue when the CD goes live and is handed out for the price of admission (Cheapo Discs should be carrying the compilation as well). All-stars included in this series who will perform include hilarious rock god Mark Mallman, who manages to have one of the few musician blogs out there that is actually funny; whimsical indie-popsters Ice Palace, who are probably best known for that song about someone "over there trampolining"; and Zibra Zibra, who sing songs about video games and technology with a 1980s Saturday-morning cartoon glee that is impossible to frown at. Seymore Saves the World, old-school rappers MC/VL, and a handful of others round out the night. 18+.
Fri., Sept. 21, 8 p.m., 2007

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