Twin Cities Zinefest

Zines as we think of them today—grungy little photocopied booklets alternately filled with schizophrenic scribbles and profound cultural nuggets—arose during the punk movement of the '70s. It was a golden era in which mass Xeroxing was affordable, but before the internet came along and made zinecraft a legacy art form. Luckily for us, despite the efficiency of blogging, a thriving zine culture has persisted in the Twin Cities, and Zinefest is its biggest day. The offerings are more fantastical and less political than you might expect, full of indie comic artists, fiction writers, and an odd assortment of in-between expressions, from transcribed phone calls to zombie porn. The fest is a great chance to buy hard-to-find local art and strike up a conversation with the artists involved, who will doubtless jump at a chance to talk shop or sign your zine—after all, when your circulation is 500, every fan counts. Visit for info. (Photo by Sarah Morean)
Sat., July 10, 11 a.m.-5 p.m., 2010

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