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Twin Cities Water Lantern Festival

Aug. 25
5-10:30 p.m.
$12-$30; $40 at the gate
Art, Family Events, Festivals

The Water Lantern Festival offers an opportunity to bid farewell to summer on a refreshingly tranquil note. The concept alone is gratifyingly simple, as the family-friendly gathering invites communities to congregate for a relaxed evening devoted to crafting eco-friendly water lanterns from wood and rice paper. Participants are encouraged to inscribe their own sentiments upon their lanterns, whether solemn or silly, and to express ruminations, observations, and aspirations. These personalized sentiments will be set adrift after sunset, as the softly glowing lanterns are launched upon the serene waters of Lake Phalen, lending a soothing pool of peaceful illumination to the evening. The community camaraderie is further underscored by participants being invited to bring their own blankets and snacks (or partake of the numerous food trucks on-site). Organizers will handle the cleaning of the lake and grounds after the event, keeping with the festival’s environmental commitment. Following the exasperating series of conflicts that clouded the summer of 2018, the Water Lantern Festival represents a fleeting chance to conclude the season with a joyfully harmonious memory. Find tickets and more info at