Twin Cities Veg Fest Laura Carroll Photography for Twin Cities Veg Fest


Twin Cities Veg Fest 2019

Sept. 15
10 a.m.-5 p.m.
Festivals, Food and Drink, Music

Food festivals are rarely 100 percent vegetarian- or vegan-friendly, but Twin Cities Veg Fest is exactly that. Whether you’ve been plant-based for decades or are looking to add some vegetable side dishes to your plate of steak, you’ll be welcome to sample your way through a variety of foods. Vegan items can be pricey; here you’ll be able to try things first to see if you like them. Never had oat milk? Coconut-based cheese? Dairy-free cupcakes? Try before you buy. Last year’s lineup boasted over 90 vendors, and Sunday’s event should feature a similar selection. Presentations include fondue-making, summer salad ideas, and gluten-free baking. Find more info at