Twin Cities Polo Classic

So you want to support Children's Cancer Research Fund and watch an intense match of polo without sounding like an idiot? It's easy. Just memorize these polo phrases and sprinkle them into your conversation with other spectators. "That was a mighty fine chukker!" (This translates to: "That seven-minute period of play, of which there are six in each game, was outstanding!") "That player should mount a different polo pony!" (This means: "That player should swap his tired horse for a fresh one from the stable of six horses each player brings to every game, and I fully understand that 'polo pony' is just a term, because the horses are actually fully grown thoroughbreds, often retired racehorses.) "Can you believe that -2 rated player scored on that 6-rated player?!" (Meaning: "I know that each polo player has a handicap rating ranging from worst to best, from -2 to 10, and that there are very few players in the world rated over 6.") And finally, "I say, that player should be called for cross-hooking!" (This indicates that you understand that when a player reaches his mallet over an opponent's mount it's a penalty.) With these gems in your back pocket, you're sure to appear to be the most knowledgeable children's cancer crusader at the match.
Sun., Aug. 3, 11 a.m.-4 p.m., 2008

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