A few frights from 2018's Twin Cities Horror Fest Dan Norman


Twin Cities Horror Festival 2019

Daily from Oct. 24-Nov. 3
Time Varies
$15; multi-show packages range from $55-$180
Festivals, Holiday, Theater

Each Halloween season, a slew of theater troupes and performers take to the Southern’s stage with one goal in mind: to scare the crap out of you. And they do it well. Whether you prefer suspense, psychological thrills, creepy effects, or straight-up gore, you’ll find something to freak out over here. Bug Girl uses large-scale puppets to tell the tale of a kid who develops new powers after swallowing an insect. Tim Uren will spin true tales of tragedy—the wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald, the Barnes-Hecker Mine collapse, and a haunting family vacation—in Michigan Disasters. Lady monsters attack in Feminine Inhuman, Mary Shelley finds gruesome inspiration in Amp, and things are bloody cult-like in IncarnateLiving Embalming Sessions will cast patrons as dearly departed people waiting to receive burial preparations via two mad scientists. Think of it as a live-action ASMR experience with a macabre edge. Shows and schedules vary; find details at