Trust Me!

As a graphic designer, Adam Garcia is used to collaboration; working in teams is a part of all of the work that he does. In his new show, "Trust Me!," Garcia plays with the idea of collaboration by creating pieces with fellow artists who have submitted work to him without any input as to what the final product would be. The concept comes from when Garcia and his friend Mike Davis used to hang out and make drawings together on a napkin. One person would start the piece and the other would finish it without letting the other see it until the end. "It's an experiment," Garcia says. "It was made to be fun." For the exhibition, he contacted 30 of his friends and acquaintances—people he has worked with over the years—to see if they would be interested in participating. The subject line of the email was "Trust Me!," which became the title of the show. Twenty-nine people signed on; the lone non-participant said that he preferred to keep creative output under his control. The fact that only one person declined made it worth it, Garcia says, because the theme throughout all of the pieces is the idea of trust. The opening reception will include DJ sets from Booka and Espada, and a performance by Michael Gaughan from 7 to 10 p.m. Saturday, July 9.
July 9-Aug. 6, 2011

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