Trevor Noah

June 10
8 p.m.
As the host who assumed the mantle of satiric news staple The Daily Show following the departure of Jon Stewart, Trevor Noah has spent much of the past year attempting to establish himself in the lofty role while simultaneously winning over critics and detractors. Such pressure would be enough to send less confident candidates toward an early exit, but Noah appears none the worse for the challenge, continuing to lead each episode unfazed. Noah's resiliency could be attributed to the self-determination that fueled his improbable rise, starting as a South African who stumbled into comedy after the fall of apartheid, only to become one of the country's strongest standups before moving to the United States in 2011. With the change in location, Noah introduced a new aspect to his repertoire, one of an outside observer riffing on cultural absurdities with wry humor. This outlook remains a fundamental element of Noah's standup performances, as audiences will learn during his stop at Northrop. Unconfined from The Daily Show's routines, Noah can indulge in his own singular brand of speculative amusement, demonstrating that it sometimes takes an outsider to most effectively lampoon a culture's inner workings.