Travis and Jonny

The words "folky" and "catchy" aren't often spoken in the same sentence (ones I use, at least), but it's true of Travis and Jonny—and it's not the only potentially confusing thing about them. Though there is a Travis and a Jonny, they are actually a five-piece and, while it's a folk band, their lyrics are (gasp!) about modern-day issues and not whiskey stills, tambourine men, and the like. It's folk music that does some soul-searching and exploration and doesn't just tell story after story of people who are hopelessly down on their luck or overcoming adversity with a perseverance of the spirit. It plays like folk music should in 2008: It's smart, addresses problems that have been around since the dawn of time with a keen, modern eye, and looks back in history for inspiration without giving anyone the sense that the band would rather be hopping a train with Arlo Guthrie somewhere in the Midwest with only their wits and a guitar. With Tuesdays Robot, Switzerlind, and Seymore Saves the World. 18+.
Fri., July 11, 9 p.m., 2008

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