Trash Film Debauchery: The Apple


Bad cinema gourmands, take note: Here is a steaming platter of celluloid mediocrity you may have overlooked but must sample before you expire. A disco musical from 1980 that sets the story of Adam and Eve in an unspecified American city in the "future" of 1994, The Apple is a textbook case of ineptitude on a grand, yet oddly chintzy, scale. It's all here: crappy metal-and-glass sets; glittery, big-shouldered costumes; Cruising-style gay and transgender iconography; S&M-flavored musical numbers that seem to cross Rocky Horror with The Expendables; and a cast of unknowns who can't act and, even better, can't sing or dance. TakeUp Productions's screening at the Turf Club will hopefully spark new interest in the saga of two Canadian folk singers who enter a ludicrous American Idol-style music contest run by a Satanic media mogul named Mr. Boogalow. For some mysterious reason, this cross between Silvio Berlusconi and Anton LaVey sets out to corrupt these two dullards with fame, fortune, drugs, and shag-carpeted orgies that would make 1994's actual U.S. President envious. Directed by media mogul Menahem Golan, The Apple was barely released the year it came out, and has yet to find the massive cult following (not to mention costume contests) it richly deserves. Come take bite out of this glossily putrid Granny Smith and see if it isn't worth spreading seeds over. 21+.
Mon., Sept. 20, 9 p.m., 2010

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