Trash Film Debauchery: Lady Terminator

Film junkies unite! Since 2003, Trash Film Debauchery has showcased the best (and worst) of trashy cinema to the Twin Cities. With a local cult following and countless films to pick from, the frequent screenings garner myriad film fans, from casual viewers to the biggest film geeks in the metro area. With past events exhibiting films like Harold and Maude, Oldboy, and Soylent Green, there's always something for everyone. This Monday, the Turf Club presents its latest Trash Film Debauchery event, featuring the B-movie delights of Lady Terminator. The ridiculously campy (and ultimately awesome) film follows the spirit of an evil sea queen who was duped and killed by one of her lovers. Vowing to seek revenge, her spirit possesses one of his descendants, a stereotypically hot female student. From there, the film turns into a bloodbath and a shameless spin on the blockbuster Terminator films. So why not spice up your Monday night? Kick off the week with a film so entertaining and cheesy-good that you'll need crackers. And for added incentive, the Donut Cooperative will bring sweet delights for filmgoers. 21+.
Mon., Nov. 15, 9 p.m., 2010

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