Transmission LIVE! A Bridge Benefit for Mercedes Gorden

Many people know Jake Rudh for his Transmission dance night—a popular DJ gig that is a mix of indie, French, new wave, electronica, and bossa nova, currently housed Wednesdays at Club Jäger. Life changed dramatically for Rudh when his fiancée Mercedes Gorden plunged 60 feet into a stone bridge support when the I‑35 bridge collapsed last month. Her shins, spine, and ankles were shattered as cars continued to fall on top of her. Since her dramatic rescue, Mercedes has endured six operations, and will be spending the next few months in a full-body cast. To help with medical expenses, which must be as astronomical as the amount of metal currently holding her legs together, Jake Rudh will be throwing a special Transmission benefit party in her honor. A musical get-well-soon card of sorts, the evening will be hosted by the Current's Mark Wheat and Brian Oake from Cities 97. Nineties hit-makers the Ocean Blue will reunite for the evening, and rockers Tapes 'n Tapes, the Deaths, and the Melismatics will perform as well. The evening rounds itself out with a silent auction. 21+.
Sun., Sept. 23, 6 p.m., 2007

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