Trailer Trash: The Greatest Night Ever

Critically reviled as cinematic trash, B-movies (and especially so-called grindhouse films) drew audiences by promising lurid tales of homicidal maniacs, sex-crazed vixens, kung-fu bandits, and sadistic motorcycle gangs. In true showman fashion, of course, the actual films often failed to achieve the licentious thrills promised in the enticingly edited trailers. Fittingly enough, these trailers have since amassed a cult audience appreciative of the foreboding voice-overs, salacious suggestions, bargain-basement special effects, and other touchstones indicative of dubious artistry. Fans of such proudly lowbrow productions won't want to pass up the opportunity to unite for Trailer Trash: The Greatest Night Ever, a singular event developed in conjunction with the Theatres at Mall of America. Curators Chris Grap, Tim Alan Holly, and Tim Kelly have scoured the celluloid wastelands to obtain a suitably bizarre assortment of vintage 35mm trailers advertising the oddest of cinematic oddities, the majority of which have gone largely unseen since their initial release. That so many of the featured clips have eluded online archivists is just as well since much of the fun involves the surprised reaction of an enthusiastic crowd. Better still, the two-hour program encourages audience participation via social media, allowing attendees to vote for a special package of trailers to be shown before the close of the show. Contrary to the event's title, cinema lovers will find plenty to treasure in this trash.
Thu., May 9, 7:30 & 10 p.m., 2013

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Theatres at Mall of America

401 S. Ave.
Minneapolis, MN 55425


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