Trailer Park Boys

Trailer Park Boys makes life on the lot seem like one big, long, drunk camping adventure. From the mockumentary's first episode airing on Canada's Showcase channel in 2001 to its finale in 2009, the show's loveable Ricky, Julian, and Bubbles gave viewers dozens upon dozens of episodes of ridiculously quotable material involving trailer park shootouts, boozy adventures to the junkyard, Rush concerts, cheeseburger parties (get familiar), and plots that usually involve haphazard marijuana horticulture and/or hash that land them in jail every time. Brilliant escapist humor at its best and lowbrow stoner fodder at its worst, Trailer Park Boys is just one of those shows that hooks you from the get-go and makes you feel a teeny bit better about your own life—while wishing to spend a day or two in theirs. The three boys, who very rarely step out of character for media appearances, take the stage to present the "Drunk, High, and Unemployed Tour" at the Pantages this week, and considering the fact that it sold out in no time, it's going to be one greasy ride.
Sun., Oct. 17, 7 p.m., 2010

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