Trail of Terror

Every Fri. and Sat. from Oct. 7-30
7-11 p.m.
Every Sun. from Oct. 9-30
7-10 p.m.
$20/$25 at the gate
Festivals, Holiday

Fright aficionados will encounter no shortage of ghoulish Halloween attractions around the Twin Cities, but none offer the gruesome variety of the Trail of Terror. Billed as “the largest Halloween event in the Midwest,” the festival has grown to encompass an array of labyrinthine sets modeled after nightmarish scenarios evoked by such names as Hotel 666, Grubbs Pest Control, Harmony Department of Corrections, and Crystal Caverns. For many scare seekers, however, the most compelling draw is likely to be the Howling Pines Woods Walk, wherein a peaceful evening stroll is interrupted by ghouls swarming from the darkness. Another new macabre diversion is an escape room, allowing groups to work against the clock to uncover an exit to a supposedly sealed chamber. Guests with Walking Dead fixations can test their survival skills against the undead with zombie paintball. Or, for those who would rather flee than fight, there’s the Running Dead 5K. Snack and libation options include three themed bars that can be visited at one’s leisure or as part of the bacon-and-beer Hogtied Pub Crawl. Attendees looking for a full meal can sign up for the Phantom’s Feast, where host Jim Cunningham serves up a four-course dinner with a sinister side of spooky tales.


Visit the Largest Halloween Attraction in the Midwest- Trail of Terror! Includes: Zombie Paintball, New escape room,  largest indoor heated maze, knockerball, 5 Halls of Horror, Howling Pines Woods Walk, Craft Cocktails, Karaoke and more, all with free parking!

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