Tracy Morgan

May 27
8 p.m.
Tracy Morgan knows about pain. After a horrendous accident that claimed the life of one of his closest friends, and nearly took Morgan's own life in the process, the comedian is putting the pieces back together and laughing in the face of tragedy. "I learned that you can't control tomorrow," he says of his new outlook on life and comedy. "I control today and what I do with it." That's been his philosophy during his latest standup tour, which rolls through Mystic Lake Casino this weekend, the first since recovering from the accident. And while plenty of people will throw around words like "inspirational" and "brave," the former 30 Rock and SNL star only wants to be called one thing. "People come up to me and they care. They're like, 'You all right? Good. Get back to being funny.'" Even coming off of such a traumatic period, his larger-than-life personality and sense of humor are still as alive as ever. "I'm brand new. I'm better than ever. I'm funnier than ever."