'Towards Zero' Bob Suh


Towards Zero

Every Fri. and Sat. from Nov. 15-Dec. 14
7:30 p.m.
Every Sun. from Nov. 17-Dec. 15
2 p.m.

Agatha Christie whodunits have become a popular tradition for Theatre in the Round, as the 360-degree stage lends elaborate murder mysteries an enticing range of perspectives for amateur sleuths in the audience. Though adapted from a well-regarded novel, the stage version of Towards Zero has become something of a lost artifact over the years, all but disappearing for decades after one very brief London run and a one-week staging in Martha’s Vineyard. The recently rediscovered script, located in 2015 by researcher Julius Green, contains all the signatures of a Christie classic. Taking place in a remote seaside manor, Towards Zero centers on the murderous machinations that ensue when the wealthy Lady Tressilian opens her doors to a motley company of houseguests (ie, suspects), including tennis star Neville Strange, his ex-wife Audrey, and his current wife, Kay. True to Christie’s most sinister narratives, each eccentric guest has a unique motivation waiting to be revealed. The mystery will be unraveled with maximum suspense and humor, as this production marks the fourth Christie production guided by the adept direction of Resch Novak.