Tony the Scribe (EP Release Show)

June 9
8 p.m.
There's no evidence suggesting the Twin Cities' long line of abstract rappers will be coming to an end anytime soon. Consider, for example, young Tony the Scribe, the rapping half of rapper-producer pair KILLSTREAK (alongside fellow Minneapolis native Icetep). Tony's also a solo artist whose writing voice qualifies as one of the more cerebral in the local scene. Thursday's show will celebrate Mixed Blood, his brand-new debut EP and first rap release since KILLSTREAK's Janus album back in 2013. Though only four songs and 14 minutes in length, it's dense with craftsmanship. Compared to Janus' punk edge, it's sonically quieter, directing the listener's focus to Tony's deeply pondered lyricism. With the combination of spacey beats and think-y verses, Mixed Blood is easily digestible yet it rewards close attention. Tony is a rapper who thrives outside of stereotypical expectations for hip-hop, expertly bringing you into his own world. With Big Cats, Eric Mayson, Chance York, Cauzndefx, Blaise B., and Simon Sed.