DJ Fundo


Tonight Takes Everyone

Nov. 5
11 p.m.
DJ, Hip-Hop

For his Tonight Takes Everyone showcase, Minneapolis’ DJ Fundo, best known for being Prof’s DJ and a member of the Get Cryphy crew, will present a pair of rappers with plenty of personality and energy. For the past five years, Seattle’s Nacho Picasso has been one of rap’s funniest and wittiest MCs, proving as much with the dozen or so projects he has under his belt. He has the punchlines and wordplay of someone like Ab-Soul, with a penchant for debauched subject matter and slightly nerdy pop culture references (sample song title: “David Blowie”). Come to think of it, he has a few things in common with Fundo’s buddy Prof. Meanwhile, J. Plaza is one of Minneapolis’ fastest-rising rappers, a guy who boasts a versatile skill set. “None of my songs sound alike,” he told Go 95.3’s Mr. Peter Parker earlier this year, a statement that remains true. Plaza has quickly built up a strong SoundCloud presence, and his accomplishments so far include a performance at Summer Set Music & Camping Festival back in August.