Tommy Thompson

Sometimes it's friends, sometimes it's co-workers, and other times it's family members who get a comedian onstage for the first time. In the case of Tommy Thompson, it was the last fo those. "My brother [Shannon] is a comedian, and I started by going and watching him," explains Tommy. "He stared a few months before I did. I tried writing jokes for him, but he wouldn't take them and instead he made me go up and tell them." Oddly, the pair weren't that close growing up. "We always had a funny family, but we weren't really close until we were in our 20s." That has since changed, of course, and Shannon Thompson, in fact, will feature for brother Tommy during the latter's run this week at the Joke Joint. "His humor is darker and more dry," Tommy says of his brother's material. "My stuff is geared more toward myself and my life." Single with no kids, Tommy still has a lot to talk about, such as friends with money. "You ever talk to somebody who makes a shitload, then bitches about the economy?" he asks an audience. "Buddy of mine is like, 'Dude, if things keep up like this I'm going to have to sell my timeshare.' Really? Because I'm thinking about selling some plasma." Also with Alex Stone.
July 5-7, 8 p.m.; July 6-7, 10:30 p.m., 2012

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The Joke Joint Comedy Club

801 Sibley Memorial Highway
Lilydale, MN 55118


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